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Talk health Africa is born out of the need to direct people with health needs through the right steps to minimize further delay, damages and health deteriorations due to local refereeing to quacks by native Africans, leading to time lost and resources depletion then to ultimate lost of lives over minor ailments that can be easily managed.


We Are Trusted


  • Medical reports interpretation
  • Review of procedures by your health care provider to reassure competence.
  • Cost forecast on diagnosis and treatment route.
How We Help

Trusted Patient Navigation STANDARDIZATION

Talk Health Africa offers standard health information, consultations, advisements and Navigation through the health care system in Africa, with array of specialists from various specialties of health and medicine working all around the globe, whose wealth of training and experience over the years, will proffer a lasting solution to your health challenge if you keep dutifully to our medical advisements.

Trusted Patient Navigation

Our Specialization ACCESS AREAS.

You can assess us on areas of concern you might want to talk to a qualified Doctor about:

  • Feeling unwell but cannot figure out what it is exactly. Talk to our experts
  • Do you feel, you are losing your mind? Talk to our expert.
  • Want to ascertain the state of your general health? Talk to us
  • Infections and reproductive health? Talk to us.
  • Fertility and infertility related cases? Talk to experts.
  • Breast discharges and bad virginal discharges? Talk to our doctors.
  • Tooth and tooth related issues? Talk to a doctor.
  • Itchy eyes and visual issues? Talk to a doctor.
Our Specialization